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Corporate Duty

Our vision is to be a distinguished, innovative and be socially responsible heat care provider.



To improve and advance our business in pursuit of excellence and professionalism through superior service and our commitment to continuous improvement.

Corporate Duty Statement

At Colin Laver Heating Limited we acknowledge that our operations will have an impact on the environment, and on people, we therefore conduct our business with integrity, aspiring to the highest levels of corporate management and taking responsibility for our actions, which involves:

  • Increasing the use of sustainable materials
  • Ensuring that all decisions regarding working practices and purchasing take relevant environmental considerations into account
  • Training and encouraging all employees to work in an environmentally responsible manner
  • Monitoring energy utility use


We have made environmental responsibility a key priority by developing clear plans which involves: reduce, reuse and recycle wherever practical and continually looking at reducing the impact we have on the environment as a result of our operations. Through innovation and a proactive attitude to waste and energy reduction we are committed to decreasing our carbon emissions.


We are committed to making a positive difference within our local communities through our partnerships and our employees’. We seek to make a positive contribution to sustainable development of our community, whilst promoting the welfare of society, which involves:

  • Encouraging our employees to get involved in volunteering
  • Involvement in a number of local community programmes and initiatives
  • Supporting local businesses through our supply chain


From providing training, maintaining health and safety and encouraging equal opportunities and diversity, we work hard to offer real careers to the widest range of our employees, which involves:

  • Recruiting and retaining high potential and high performing individuals
  • Providing a career path
  • Training and developing our employees
  • Implement effective and appropriate diversity policies
  • Maintain high standards of health and safety

Client Satisfaction

Through excellent planning, employing quality people, and a dedication to innovation and value engineering we aim to understand, meet and surpass the needs and expectations of our clients and stakeholders.

At Colin Laver Heating Limited we view sustainability in construction as part of our business, and integrating socially responsible behaviour into our core values is a fundamental principle.



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